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You has the capacity to lastly attain dozens of fans after which likes created for no price on all

January 12th, 2014

Musical. Ly is an app designed for setting and then posting brief films. Initial released available on 2014, musical. Ly is becoming popular with yet the tween and then teen inserted in their never-ending pursuit of ranking and then fame, social tastes and then validation. Plus, it’s fun. Here’s the words parents will need to find out about musical. Ly. Musical. Ly users, called “musers”, use the app which is called brief films. Frequently these are lip-sync films by having hot music from your track record. Numerous refined feature brief musical has shown, singing, comedy or dancing. You will discover filters and then any other video effects on the market which include adjusting the pace. Social posting motivated

Musical. Ly has long been very much then a social app, by having the capability to want, follow and then comment available on each other’s video creations that are called “musicals”. You will discover complications and then material, so where been shown song or theme has long been released therefore you produce a video for which is related to it – after that mark it via a hashtag for those to ascertain. Yet the social posting habits outside of musical. Ly, by having refined posting equipment designed for posting to try and Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, WhatsApp and then some more. Then a YouTube search for musical. Ly films obtained in and around 22,600,000 effects. Available on Instagram, so where teenagers are all likely to be hanging, you will discover over a million hashtags designed for musical. Ly. In such a way refined those of you teenagers not by the app (for instance, my teen) have probably reached some of these films. Proceed forward, ask the body’s teen if indeed they detect just who infant Ariel has long been (she’s then a famous muser just who more recently showed up available on very high morning hours the us. You can not astound the body’s teen together with your newfound notion!)

Personal privacy modes available on MUSICAL. LY

You can have an exclusive felt available on musical. Ly, however when on you initial display a merchant account could it be computed if you don’t change it. And once the age setting has long been motivated, you need to approve anyone who wants to follow on you and find out the body’s films (very high, very high, I’ll contact them musicals). To try and get the musical. Ly felt private, click the man icon available on the lower top, then the modes (gear) icon from your top top. Scroll right down to “private account” and then proceed yet the slider on to the “green” ranking to try and get the felt private. Designed for personal privacy, refined by having an exclusive felt there exists guide available on the body’s Bio this was computed, together with your name and then username. Refined on you has the ability to – alike if i – find teenagers’ Instagram fund, Snapchat usernames, Kik usernames and then any other personal information in their profiles. Really, yet the app arrives top off and then requests the body’s Instagram ranking and once setting then a felt. In such a way parents, if you check the body’s teen’s mobile phone and find musical. Ly, you might want to uncover what these are posting, not just from your felt but refined in virtually any films they’ve meant. Turn off space modes

A third setting worth noting has long been the capability to turn off space modes. The age can be utilized at your “my city” display to try and guide you musers in the vicinity of on you. I actually has done pass through in their personal privacy training course, yet, for which yet the app will no longer employ specialised space guide, a maximum of inside a 50-mile radius. I would still reveal turning off space while the app doesn’t want for which as being available on to use the majority of qualities available on musical. Ly. I’d refined reveal not listing the body’s space anywhere within your felt. MUSICAL. LY has not been designed for yet the UNDER-13 inserted

Musical. Ly’s personal privacy track record states: “We usually do not knowingly collect guide taken from children below 13 and then i actually has done not need it. We are going to take steps to try and delete it when we learn we have accumulated it. ”

“If on you learn for which your child has got detailed all of us by having personal information lacking in the body’s consent, you can not alert all of us available on privacy@musical. Ly. When we learn for which we have accumulated any personal information taken from children below 13, after that we are going to promptly take steps to try and delete such guide and then terminate yet the child’s felt. ” these details has long been detailed (available on greyed off text) at your signup display, though the users aren’t asked to try and enter then a shipment time of day. In my time of day perusing yet the app, i actually detailed countless tweens, and then younger. One felt was obviously designed by parents for an 8-year old. EXPLICIT vocabulary and then delighted available on MUSICAL. LY

Refined by having an exclusive felt, you can not still sight any other musicals and then follow everything else by having computed fund. You will discover musers just who are all talked about at your “Featured” display, which is so where on you land even if you initial detailed yet the app. The majority music possess explicit lyrics. And once choosing music to use, on you can choose taken from a web library, or the body’s private music. Available on the online library, there are many different categories to select from. To what i actually obtained, yet the hot category is…well, super popular with musers combined with the music reflects what’s hot available on the air nowadays. I actually won’t start off via a diatribe opposed to the modern music niche down under, but suffice it to state should you have then a younger tween there may be numerous music you’d musically hearts without human verification prefer then they weren’t listening to at this age. Mainly because increasingly mainly because explicit delighted – if you proceed going after, you will discover it. Even though it habits opposed to his or her environments and then legislation, it didn’t snare me a lot longer to find a video of a man masturbating (age could not become computed mainly because this was of an waistline straight down), then a female inside a bra seeking to appearance sultry and then stroking her private, as well as a guy smokes box. One video was there a maximum of designed for the aim of requesting nudes. (I’ll surplus on you yet the screenshots!)

Bottom line

Musical. Ly has long been rated 12+ from your Apple store, and then “Teen” available on Google play designed for Android. Get through i actually can definitely see the appeal, and then I’d provide the same environments of extreme caution down under mainly because I’ve done designed for any other video posting apps which include Vine and then Keek, and then live streaming apps want YouNow and then Periscope. Due to the explicit delighted and then prospect of personal information as being if i distributed both the inside and then app and also to any other social platforms, i would proceed by having extreme caution designed for tweens and then younger teenagers.

Our DIY Pinball was a hit!

October 9th, 2012

We were at the Children’s Own Media Museum event at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre over the Thanksgiving long-weekend, and, for the first time, we exhibited a non-electronic interactive toy: Pinball.

Our genius builder Erika made three wooden table top pinball machines, equipped with ball launcher, paddles, and removable pins.  Kids were asked to draw their own pinball pattern, define the scores, place the pins, and play. It was interesting to learn that many kids have not seen or played pinball before. And what was most rewarding is seeing how the little ones eventually learn the hand-eye coordination right there in front of us. Amazing to see that such a simple little game can bring such big smiles from both parents and kids.

Other exhibits at COMM included an Arduino workshop for kids, crafts table, robots and 3D printing demonstrations, an interactive dance room, as well as information about Canadian media icon, Marshall McLuhan.

Some photos of the pinball table:





View our photos from the weekend here

Aesthetec Summer Tour – Toronto, Ottawa, MontrĂ©al!

July 24th, 2012

To celebrate the beautiful Canadian summer this year, we are packing our truck and going on the road! Aesthetec will be showing our musical interactive exhibits at THREE different musical festivals in Toronto, Ottawa, AND Montreal in the next two weeks! Suppose you can call us the interactive side show. Come out and play, we would love to see you.

TORONTO @ Harbourfront Centre
Classical IV: Strings
July 27-29, 2012
Free Event!
We’ll be showing Sing & Paint inside one of the tents.

MONTRÉAL @ Jean Drapeau Parc
Osheaga Music and Arts Festival
August 3-5, 2012
20 SMILE cubes will be installed in the Arts Village during the entire weekend of music with some really awesome lineup: Sigor RĂłs, MGMT, Metric, The Shins, Feist, Bloc Party and even Snoop Dog!
Blue glow

OTTAWA @ Rideau Canal near the National Art Centre
Waterway Soundfaire, Chamberfest Ottawa
August 4, 2012 2pm-5pm
Free Event!
Returning there for the second year, we will be under the bridge by the NAC, and bringing Light Loops, previously installed at TIFF Kids in April:
Testing Light Loops

Hope to see you there & Happy Summer!

Partying with SMILEs

June 21st, 2012

The SMILE cubes came out and play in a new mode last week: sound reactive! Here’s a video showing the cubes doing their new tricks (taught to them by our trick master, Adam):

Here are some shots on flickr.

Part of Rdio @ NXNE party at 99 Sudbury in Toronto, the light cubes were rocking out to two live bands and a DJ set by our old pal Brendan Canning of BSS! W00t!

We’re also glad to announce that SMILE are finally available for event rentals. Contact us for details.

Recap from TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace in April

May 9th, 2012

Man, we are always running behind with our website updates! By the time we get around to post new stuff, it seems like they had happened ages and ages ago.

We were very pleased and excited for TIFF and the city of Toronto as a whole that the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace was a big hit! Thanks to all who attended, and especially for those who gave us such awesome feedback. Below is a short video that captures our projects at the digiPlaySpace.

(Please note that this is not a documentation of the entire digiPlaySpace. We only documented the projects Aesthetec produced in-house, so missing from this video is some other fantastic interactive works by several artists. As well, we sadly don’t have footage of the incredibly successful Mini Maker Faire inside the digiPlaySpace (which we helped organized) because the room was always so crowded and packed with visitors!)

We also have a demo video of the new piece Sing & Paint, which shows how the piece works with the audio component:

Still in production is the demo video of Light Loops. Stay tune!

TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace Opened Today!

April 10th, 2012

..and we have four exhibits in the show waiting for you to go play with!

Aesthetec is super excited to have partnered with the TIFF Kids team to produce this interactive digital playground as part of the TIFF Kids Film Festival at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. The digiPlaySpace features the very awesome Funky Forest by Theo Watson and Emily Gobeille, award-winning mixed reality game Room Racers by Lieven van Velthoven, and brand new sound exhibits by us.

After three full months of planning and building, we’re proud to premiere Light Loops and Sing & Paint in our hometown Toronto. The LED cubes, SMILE, make a back-from-storage appearance, and we have a new camera+screen based installation called Magic Mirrors (see the youtube clip below).

Light Loops:

Sing & Paint:

To see them in action, from now until April 22, stop by the digiPlaySpace at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Weekdays from 10am-3pm. Weekends from 10am-7pm. Only $2.50 if you watch a TIFF Kids film! ($5 otherwise)

A clip from CityTV’s Breakfast Television this morning, live from digiPlaySpace:

Click below for more info about the event:

Telus Spark!

February 28th, 2012

Well, there IS a page full of information from our work at Telus Spark here, but here’s the new video if you don’t like reading:

Mark on the Daily Planet

February 17th, 2012

The Daily Planet on Discovery Channel (Canada) did a small segment on our prototype pieces last Wednesday, February 15.

Click on the image to go directly to the broadcasted clip.

Aesthetec in 2011 and what’s coming up in 2012

January 19th, 2012

Well, it’s a bit late to still say Happy New Year, but we wish you the best anyway.

It took a little bit to recover from the break and getting back to work. 2011 was kind of a whirlwind for us, with the opening of the new Calgary Science Centre – now known as Telus Spark – the project that was in the works for two years for us and involving ~30 exhibits, moving our studio to a new permanent home, whipping up an installation for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, and rounding off the year-end with some R+D work with a dance company! We were exhausted but really glad to have gotten this video out of all of it (huge thanks to Ryan Varga):

Then before breaking for the holidays, we cleaned up our studio space and threw a year-end party – which was when we realized how perfect the space is for a party gathering (bonus!):
Aesthetec holiday party 2011

Coming up next in 2012 we are really excited to announce that we’ll be presenting more work in our home city of Toronto!

Aesthetec is teaming up with TIFF for their annual TIFF Kids event, aka ‘Sprockets’, to present an interactive play space for kids in the beautiful gallery of the TIFF Bell Lightbox building. This event will take place in April 10-22.

Then in May, we will be presenting interactive work from our very own studio/store front window as part of the Art of the Danforth 2012 event, which coincidentally is taking place in our neck of the woods.

More info on both events will get posted as we get closer to the date.

Happy year of the Dragon – it’s going to be fierce!

Pictures from Nuit Blanche last week

October 9th, 2011

It has only been a week, but our Nuit Blanche installation seems like ages ago now that team Aesthetec is transplanted to Calgary for the rest of October. Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and stopped by to see our installation at Fort York, we know it was far out of the way and the wind chilled to the bones.

SMILE turned out to be a great success (besides the fact that they worked, people had fun with them!), and thanks to our project partner Dashing Collective, we even had a party room serving some drinks and coffee and providing a bit of warmth and seating for the entire evening.

We managed to take a few photos on our camera, but proper explanation, photos and video documentation will be coming soon. View our little set on Flickr.

Lighting up Fort York

Orange glow

Shoe on the red box

Towards 2am, people started to stack the boxes and build a wall

And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!