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Field report from Miraikan

Over the holidays (December 2010, to be exact), we were lucky enough to get to spend a day at Miraikan, which is Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in the Odaiba area of Tokyo. Our luck ran aground when we got there, however, because the Geo-Cosmos, a giant LED display globe that is their famous attraction, was taken down to prepare for an exhibit in the spring. (ultra sad face)

We got to enjoy the museum amongst the school children anyway, and here are some videos:

1. The very cool electro-mechanical signage that runs different statistical numbers depending on the displayed word (which is also in the sign). The whole thing is self-run and the flipping sound commands a lot of attention:

2. Neat projection of a mouse in a physical wheel:

3. Interesting exhibit set-up of quiz/questionnaire stations with feedback wall from the audience

4. Physical panels explaining the state of quantum bits used in quantum computing, very nice force feedback, knobs, etc. :

5. Face morphing exhibit – it was something about seeing how your face and others’ can match up and form new faces… We’ve seen this theme pretty much at every science centres, but the presentation of this one is interesting: