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Maywa Denki’s in-studio performance in Tokyo!

If you’re interested in interactive art, electronics, and strange music instruments and you haven’t heard about Maywa Denki – you’re missing out on a gem. Maywa Denki is known as an art group, some times a pop band, other times a toy designer. The works vary in form, but the output is truly original and, we think, artistically profound. (Read more about Maywa Denki here and here, and check out Maywa Denki’s official website.)

When we visited Tokyo, we were lucky enough to a) arrive just in time to make it to their annual in-studio holiday party and b) have a friend who was invited. Here are some videos and photos we got from the performance:

With a band on stage, playing Maywa Denki’s instruments. Notice the interactive light panels in the background – we’re in love with them:

All the instruments performing on stage w/ Tosa, showing off the mini version of the Otomatone, Maywa Denki’s brand new product, which you can buy as a keychain. There’s a self-playing marimba (the flowery shape in the background), automatic guitar and a puppet beating on the drum:

The giant Otomatone, “Otomatone Jumbo” this one isn’t mass produced, but sure is a crowd pleaser:

Maywa Denki’s studio, looking from the stage out to the street:
Maywa Denki's studio party

Close up of the drum puppet
This puppet jams on the drum

Guitar & marimba robots:
Drum puppet, self-playing guitar and automatic marimbas

The Otomatone Jumbo, left on stage:
The Otomatone Jumbo, on stage

Us and Nobumichi Tosa, Maywa Denki’s front man
We're Maywa Denki's fan club