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TWOS TSA Prototypes, June 2010

We’ve completed the first round of prototype testing in our studio for some of the TSA (Technology, Style and Art) exhibits. Posted here are the media documentation from the prototypes.

Paint with Music

User testing with some of our office neighbors:

We find that using a battery box for the IR light resembles a remote control, and most users instinctively did not ‘touch’ the screen (e.g. directly painting with the light). Our next iteration is to make an IR light brush.

Two versions were created to test different sound mapping: piano sound and ambient sound. In piano version, the brush strokes trigger different piano keys.

The ambient sound version assigns different sound to each brush line, and as long as the line stays on the canvas, the sound remains audible. In this version, the user can create a cacophony of sound as they paint.

Solar Panel Music

User-testing session using a headphone:

Using speakers for louder volume:
4 solar films connected to an Arduino board & a Mac mini, running customized software.

SoundTubes LEDs

Testing the effects of the LED as a sound record and playback indicator:

1. Press button and hold while recording, the LED is red and fills up over time:

2. When done recording (either release the button or the tube becomes full), the LED turns blue:

3. Playing back the tube slowly fades from red to blue: