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Prototype Consultant - Sparkle Labs

BioTelies by Sparklelab
BioTelies - biotelemetry objects by Sparkle Labs.

Prototype Consulting

The BioTelies by Sparkle Labs are an experiment in biotelemetry—the communication of biological data over a network. Each device contains sensors that read various body data such as heart rate, galvantic response, temperature, etc. This data is then transmitted to another user’s BioTelie via Bluetooth-enabled cellular link.

Aesthetec was contacted by Sparkle Labs to consult on the technological design of an advanced prototype, and to develop hardware that enabled the prototyping of the larger BioTelies system. Our experience in developing mobile electronics allowed us to provide sophisticated customized hardware featuring USB, Li+ rechargeable battery supply and Bluetooth in a small 40 x 70mm package.

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