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Sound Playground

Connecticut Science Center - Hartford, USA

Sound Playground @ Connecticut Science Center
Sound Playground @ Connecticut Science Center

Playing Light and Sound

Just recently opened to the public (June, 2009), the brand-new Connecticut Science Center houses an impressive array of digital interactive exhibits that let the visitors explore all areas of science. Sound Playground is a set of interactive sculptures that you can use to compose music with friends.

Rhythm - a spectacular music sequencer
Rhythm - a spectacular music sequencer.
Harmony Wheels
Harmony Wheels.

Melody Fret Board.

Four colorful digital instruments are presented:
a 'rhythm' sequencer with 64 touch-sensitive key controls, a 'melody' fret board with 13 touch-sensitive frets, 'harmony' wheels whose tops spin to make, well, harmony, and an upright bass. The exhibit is meant for several people to play together.

Kids playing Rhythm

Our Role

A project by Jeff Kennedy Associates, Aesthetec worked closely with AV&C, New York based cutting-edge technology integration company, to build the sculptures using customized LED and sensor controls. The exhibit employs several hundred RGB LEDs, touch sensors, and Ethernet controllers - all designed specifically for the museum application. Special emphasis was placed on designing highly modular and easily maintainable electronics to ensure long-term activity of the exhibit.


For more information about the technology used in developing this project, please contact us.

Documentation Video

Additional photos from work in progress click here.